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Fairy Nights 2021

18 & 19 June 2021, Haarzuilens

Fairy Nights is a costume event, as you are used to from Elfia, a ‘costume gathering’ but without stands and music stages but with many acts and actors who show you a piece of a continuous story from the end of the 19th century. see in which elves and ghosts play a leading role. The full name of the costume event is Fairy Nights, Close Encounters of the Fairy, and Ghostly Kind. Prepare for 3 shocking discoveries during this magical event.

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Fairy Hunters

Finally! Your chance to get a close encounter. Not only with fairies but also with ghosts. Finish your costume. Set your clock sharply on the year 1891. The strange year in which a castle lady disappeared without a trace; shortly after she got married. The supernatural year in which natural beings and elves suddenly appeared everywhere in the castle gardens of De Haar. The fantastic year in which elf hunters like Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visited the castle gardens to make contact with these nature beings. And the haunted year in which the Russian spiritualist Madame Blavatsky roamed the gardens to evoke spirits in séances.


Costume Event

Prepare for a walk in your costume on a balmy summer evening. Not just a walk through the gardens where you will encounter strange characters everywhere; but also a tour through the great hall of the castle where elves will reveal themselves; and a tour that will end in the chapel where you will witness the strangest wedding ever.

Fairy nights hot summer evening

Romantic Evening Sun

Due to the Covid conditions, we will have a number of visitors spread out every few minutes. Once you have started your route, there are several times when you can take breaks and sit with a glass of honey wine along the waterfront to enjoy the romantic evening sun


Limited number of visitors

We will allow the first visitors from 17:30. The last mini theater performance in the castle will be at 9:30 pm; the last performance in the chapel at 22:00, but the gardens will remain open until 23:00 in the evening.

Due to the Covid measures, we will only be able to admit 1,600 people per evening, spread over the evening. Tickets are only available in presale. The tickets, therefore, have time slots that give an indication of the approximate time at which you can enter the park. The timeslots have no influence whatsoever on the time you want to spend in the park afterward, as long as you leave the park at 11 o’clock in the evening ;-). More info can be found in the FAQ section

Naturally, we ask every visitor to comply with Covid measures such as thorough hygiene, 1.5 meters social distance and – for those who feel safe – face masks.


Click the lantern to buy one of the last tickets at  €19,50


Concept Fairy Nights, Close Encounters

Fairy Nights, Close Encounters is a costume walk, a magical journey set in 1891.
Be prepared for strange encounters and for the reveal of 3 shocking secrets.
Take a walk through the castle gardens, the castle itself and the chapel, collect information from the best researchers of the occult from the past and unravel the 3 greatest secrets of castle De Haar.
Step back in time, meet dramatic characters such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Pulitzer, Madam Blavatsky, Houdini and many other historical and non-historical characters; and witness the most haunted wedding ever.

This will be a Fairy Night that you will not soon forget.

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